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Persh Body Scan provides Body Scan services, Training, diet, supplement plans, face to face & online.

Office Address: Shop 6/29 Moreton Bay Rd, Capalaba, Brisbane,  QLD, 4157.

Our goal is to take the guesswork and mental stress out of your health and fitness journey. By completing a Body Scan Analysis with the latest medical Resource technology, highest Accuracy, body composition Analyser InBoody770, we can uncover the hidden secrets of the body that are holding you back from being the healthiest person you can be.

                  In addition to our Body Scan services              

we also provide Fitness goal setting, Fitness Training plans, nutritional, Supplement’s programs that incorporate your favourite foods and guarantees results if followed correctly.

Our Services are Available Face to Face and Online.



World-Class Body Composition Analyzer InBody770

“Stop guessing and start assessing!”

Our client’s health and wellbeing are paramount to us at Persh Body Scan. That’s why we only use the InBody 770 Body Composition Analyser. It is the best machine in the industry for providing highly accurate results without radiation exposure, unlike the more common DEXA scanner often found in gyms.
Our Latest medical recures Body composition analyser InBody 770
It gives you all the relevant information you require to start a successful weight loss journey.
And measure your body composition on an ongoing basis to track your body composition, health, fitness improvement monthly, fortnightly or even weekly

100% SAFE without worrying about any Radiation exposure, Unlike old school Technology.


Begin Your Health and Fitness Journey with to
PERSH Body Scan

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