MEDICAL-GRADE Body Composition Analyser InBody-770

Have You Tried To Lose a Few Extra Kilos Or Gain Lean Muscle Mass, and You've Achieved Nothing But Pain, Mental stress and Getting Sick of Gym and Training? If Yes, You Are in The Right Place.
YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN YOUR HEALTH AND FITNESS JOURNEY. We are here to help you achieve your Health/Fitness Goals
Easier/Faster and with long-lasting results.

                                     HERE EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO GET YOUR HANDS ON!
  • We Will check your body composition with the latest high accuracy Medical Grade body composition analyser InBody770 (NO RADIATION UNLIKE DEXA SCAN) 
  • We will help you with Health/fitness Goal setting based on your Body composition Results & your fitness Goal.
  • We will provide you with Tolerated Diet Guidelines based on your Body composition Results & your fitness Goal.
  • We will provide you with Tolerated Supplement Guidelines.
  • We will give you Tolerated Training Guidelines.

Why You’ll Love Us

  1. No Contract or Membership, As we believe in customer satisfaction, and we are sure we can help (if you help yourself too) to get the results you wish, SO you will love to use our services, SO no need to lock you in with contract or membership. 
  2. Proudly we have many satisfied customers. Feel free to check out our Google reviews and Video reviews available on our pages to see what the existing customers have to say!
  3. We won’t let you down halfway.
  4. Most importantly, we will guarantee the results 100% money-back guaranteed. (Ts&Cs Will Apply)
  5. We accept all kind of payments type, such as after pay, zip pay.
  6. We support NDIS

What Our Customers Say

Nutrition,health,fitness WORKSHOP

Discover the most vital information for your body. Book your Body Scan to find out the following vital informations: 

Book your 20 minutes FREE nutrition consultation:

Nutrition,health,fitness    WORKSHOP 

Join our monthly FREE workshop to learn how to manage your diet and exercise. We will guide you through:

  • Managing your diet
  • Food vs weight gain
  • Training
  • Food vs fitness
  • Goal setting
  • Medical facts about your body composition and metabolism




  • Visceral Health Condition (fat percentage around organs)
  • Muscle Mass Percentage (lean body mass & strength)
  • Muscle Imbalances (muscle weaknesses)
  • Body Fat Percentage (storage of fat under the skin)
  • Bone Density (bone strength)
  • BMR (your daily calories)
  • BMI (body mass index)
  • Protein Ratio (muscle health)
  • Water Ratio (general health)
  • Fitness / Health Progress Graph (fitness progress monitoring)


Book your 20 minutes FREE nutrition consultation:

You don’t need to give up your favourite foods to get fit! With our Nutrition Guide, you will learn how to enjoy training again without having to miss out on your favourite foods or starving  yourself. We also teach you how to get the best results from your gym sessions by completing short, sharp sessions. Get your Nutrition Guide by booking a consultation with us.

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